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How do Skincare Products Help Domestic Violence Victims?

How do skincare products help domestic violence victims?

This is something that I commonly get asked when explaining my business model, and I understand why it might seem weird at first for those who don’t know what I do. I think a lot of this confusion comes from people just not being aware of the medicinal benefits of plants and the healing power of nature. We all know to eat our vegetables, and that they are essential for our health, but beyond that we seem to draw a blank at the medicinal properties of plants. Plants have all kinds of powerful medicinal properties, antioxidant effects, skin healing properties, anti-inflammatory properties…the list goes on!

All of my products are created with plants that help to relieve the mental and physical effects of trauma, whether this be via essential oils that calm or uplift the mood, active ingredients from plants that can speed up the healing time for cuts, scratches and bruises, pulled muscles, or mineral properties such as magnesium that is essential for soothing tension.

Not only this, but the act of applying products in itself can help to change your mindset and increase your self-love. Looking after yourself and your body fosters a sense of self-worth and self-appreciation. It is an act of showing kindness to yourself and can be meditative, allowing you to be present in the moment. It is also empowering, giving you more control over yourself and your appearance and an improved appearance can increase confidence. Introducing a ritual of selfcare, such as applying skincare daily, can also offer a sense of structure and stability.

In a more tangible show of support, Fortitude Skincare donates 10% of all profits to domestic violence charities such as Shine and Women’s Refuge. I also volunteer with Women’s Refuge on their crisis line as a way of directly supporting those who are experiencing violence.

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